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Canceling OR Rescheduling

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, kindly give at least 24 hours notice to allow time for someone else to fill your spot. If notice is given after the 24 hour mark, a rebooking fee of $25 per hour of the scheduled services will need to be paid BEFORE scheduling your next service. Please note that habitual late reschedules or no-shows will result in no longer being able to book a service with me.

Canceling or Rescheduling


It is my priority as your hair stylist to be on time for my guests. If I am running significantly behind I will make every effort to contact you prior to your appointment time. The only way I can ensure my punctuality is if each of my guests arrive on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late I may have to refuse your service or alter your scheduled services to fit the allotted time. Please note that if your appointment has to be canceled due to your lateness a rebooking fee of $25 per hour of the scheduled services will be due before rescheduling.

Service Adjustment Policy:

It is always my goal as a hair stylist to offer my guests the highest level of satisfaction. If you are having challenges with your cut or color, I will be happy to correct the issue with no additional charge within 7 days of the original service. These adjustments must be in line with the original consult. For example, if you decided to go blonde but realize it is not for you - correcting this is a whole new service to be paid in full.

Product Return Policy

A very lightly used product may be returned by the next scheduled appointment you have with me. Make sure to reach out to me with your concerns as soon as possible after using the product​.


Salon Etiquette 

Discriminatory/Derogatory statements and actions are prohibited in the salon and will not be tolerated. I have the right to refuse service to anyone behaving improperly, intoxicated or if their state of health may influence the effects of the service.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Every client has the right to privacy and confidentiality. The conversations you have with your stylist will remain confidential. Client information and email lists are confidential and will not be sold or shared with outside companies.


Here's what to expect at your appointment due to COVID-19:

• Please wait outside before your appointment. We will have chairs set up if you want to enjoy the weather vs. your car. I will call or come out and get you when I am ready.

• Masks are optional. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask and would like me to wear one during your appointment please let me know. 

• Upon entering the Salon there will be hand sanitizer available for you.  Please, for the safety of myself, my family and everyone else within The Hair Zone, stay home if you are feeling sick or have been around someone with COVID-19. If you are showing any of these symptoms we will have to reschedule:
1. Fever(100.4 or higher) or feeling feverish
2. Chills
3. New Cough
4. Shortness of breath
5. Sore throat
6. Muscle aches
7. Headache
8. Loss of smell or taste

• Try to bring as little with you as possible. All re-bookings and transactions will be done in my room. If you are in need of product I will take bottles off the shelf.

• For your peace of mind here is what you can expect from me. If I myself feel ill I will not come to work. All of us at The Hair Zone will be following the same heath screening listed above everyday. I will be cleaning/disinfecting my room between every client. All of us at The Hair Zone will be cleaning the shop throughout the day. Every client will get a new and clean cape and tools(I've always done this).

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